Research and Development for everyone

We offer Research and Development for every entrepreneur and private person that we develop for 50% of the estimated costs.

State of the Art

On the beautiful Aese Island we will start in January 2020 with a large and new state of the art research and development building with laboratories and research rooms.

The building consists of 11 floors below ground spread over laboratories and research rooms. Each floor has 2400 m2 of space. There are a further 3 floors above ground for research projects.

All floors are 2400 m2 in size. In the middle on the north side are the 4 access lifts. On the south side is a freight elevator of 18 m2 for easy access for transporting the developed products. Stairways are provided on every corner for safety and extra access. Only persons authorized for a floor can get there with their key card so that your research is only accessible to authorized persons.

Why with Atlantis Reborn

Only Research and Development

If you choose to only place research and development assignments, the costs will be 50% of the budget that you have made for that year. You can follow the entire process online and the frequency of meetings to discuss progress is entirely up to you whether this is weekly, monthly or quarterly.

The costs are fixed costs and you will not receive an additional calculation at the end of the year.