What are covered Corporate Bonds?

Bonds are loans issued by companies or governments. When you buy a bond, you lend money to a company or a government. As a bond holder you usually receive a payment in the form of 'coupon interest'.

By purchasing a corporate bond covered by legal lien from € 1,000 you provide a loan to Atlantis Reborn B.V. You then fix your money for five years. As compensation for this, you receive a fixed interest rate of 2% each quarter on the contribution, a total of 8% per year. Atlantis Reborn B.V. pays back your investment after the agreed period of 5 years. Legal Pledge is established to cover your investment and to get it back as a priority, if necessary in the event of bankruptcy. To establish a legal lien, the goods (Luxury villas) that have been designed and built with your investment are registered with the tax authorities.

An alternative to more interest on your assets.

  • 8% annual interest on your investment
  • 2% interest paid per quarter
  • Investment covered by lien
  • 100% refunded after 5 years
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What does Atlantis Reborn do?

Atlantis Reborn B.V. developed Aese Island into a tropical paradise.

Phase 1: Develop 40 luxury villas that will be sold to both Dutch and foreign artists and actors. The villas are on a plot of 3000 m2 with a living space of at least 300 m2. The sales value of the villa starts at € 5,000,000.-

Phase 2: Developing a resort consisting of a hotel with room for 750 luxury rooms, 4 restaurants, 2 casinos and 2 swimming pools, Cabanas and cottages on the water.

Phase 3: Developing a shopping street across the island with shops, apartments, restaurants, etc. There will be detached houses and terraced houses around the shopping street.

Before you invest

Limit your risk

Does high interest always mean more risk? Yes, but you can limit risk yourself by spreading your money. Never invest with money that you cannot miss. It is not wise to use your entire savings account, because investing always involves risks.

Start investing immediately?

Which can. From experience you may already know what the risks can be. Corporate bonds are a separate asset class. Because your investment is covered by a Legal Right of Pledge, the risk, or the return ratio, is not comparable with other investment products such as ship's CVs, government bonds or real estate and investment funds.

How can I buy bonds?

Safe through your Bank

You can pay the Corporate Bonds by iDEAL or by bank transfer. You will immediately receive your payment confirmation by e-mail.

14 days to change your mind

After payment you have 14 days to change your mind free of charge.

You also do not have to pay any closing costs.

You do not pay any management or closing costs. There are no hidden costs.

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Example calculation

What do you actually invest in at Atlantis Reborn BV

Improve People, Animals and Environment

You invest in the development of new technology and procedures that improve the quality of people, animals and the environment. We develop this technology in all areas in the following groups: Energy, Medical, Spatial Development, Education, Law, Technology, Water, Defensive Safety, Metallurgy, Transport, Economy and Rights.

For everyone who invests in Atlantis Reborn BV, you have the opportunity to visit our Research and Development building every year. We also share all our breakthroughs in new technology.

Some examples

New Energy Source, through a combination of electro-magnetism, magnetic levitation, liquid nitrogen and vacuum, we have developed a new energy source that makes a household completely independent of the energy supplier for the use of electricity.

Development of prostheses such as hands, arms, feet and legs that are controlled by the person's nervous system

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The steps are:

Register investment Are you new to Atlantis Reborn BV? Then you must first register before you can invest. This can be as a natural person or on behalf of a company.

Pay You can complete the registration with an iDEAL payment. If you wish to invest a larger amount, you can make an iDEAL payment of € 50,000 several times. You can also pay by bank transfer. Please keep in mind that your purchase will only be confirmed once we have received your payment and processed it administratively. An iDEAL payment is automatically processed and confirmed.

Fully written When the amount of the bond loan has been reached, it will be given the status "Fully Written". It is then no longer possible to invest. Each investment is subject to a 14-day cooling-off period in which an investor has the right to change or cancel the subscription. The bond loan maintains the status "Fully Written" until the consideration period for all subscriptions are expired.

Friend bonus You have bought bonds yourself, but you also know someone from your area or network who is looking for an interesting investment opportunity. Then you can use the friends bonus.
Use the "invitation form" to enter the name, telephone number and e-mail address of the person you wish to introduce. The newly introduced person may not be an existing investor in Atlantis Reborn BV. The 5% friend bonus applies when the person you have invested has invested a total amount of € 1,000.
After the person you have invested and we have received the payment, you will receive the 5% friend bonus provided that the person applied has successfully completed the legal cooling-off period of 14 days.
The 5% friend bonus is transferred to our bank account number and the person you applied will receive 5% extra interest in the first year.

If one or more of these points occur, a prospectus is exempt from approval by the AFM:

  • The offer is aimed at fewer than 150 people.
  • De effecten kunnen (al dan niet in een pakket) slechts worden verworven tegen een waarde van ten minste €100.000 per belegger.
  • The offering of securities by a non-profit association or institution to achieve its non-commercial objectives.
  • The nominal value of a security is € 100,000 or more.

Or as with the Atlantis Reborn BV offer

  • The total equivalent value of the securities being offered is less than € 5 million, calculated over a 12-month period.

It is also possible that an approved prospectus is not available with an offer because the offer does not require a prospectus. This is the case, for example, if the securities are not tradable or if it concerns an offer of units in an open-end investment institution. Source: AFM

An investment offer usually requires a license or the company must have a prospectus approved by the AFM. Sometimes exemptions apply and an investment offer does not fall under the supervision of the AFM. We then speak of an exempt investment. An investment is, for example, exempt if all investors can jointly invest a maximum of € 5 million in the investment. Source: AFM

No, with crowdfunding you take out a loan through a brokerage platform of lenders and borrowers. A crowdfunding platform must take a crowdfunding investor test with every consumer who invests more than € 500 via the platform. At Atlantis Reborn BV you invest directly in the company. You provide the company with a loan and decide for yourself how large the loan is. The conditions for the loan can be found in the Information Memorandum

Essential information is information that you need in any case to make an informed decision. Under the "documents Bonds" tab at the top of this page you will find the legal information document submitted to the AFM and information about, among other things, the risks, the securities and guarantees, the conditions of the loan, the tax treatment and the current financial situation of Atlantis Reborn BV.

Yes, the AFM believes it is important that you as a consumer make a conscious choice to invest. That is why we offer the opportunity for reflection. This is done in two ways: 1) You must actively confirm that you have read the information memorandum before you press the order button. 2) You have the option of dissolving during 14 days. The cancel button is visible in your management environment for 14 days. There are no costs associated with this cancellation. If the investment is not canceled within 14 days, it will then become definitive.

Bondholders who wish to transfer their bonds can indicate this in writing to Atlantis Reborn BV via the transfer form which you will find under Documents Bonds on this website.