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The 1st Offer and Issue of Atlantis Reborn B.V. Corporate bonds have a nominal value of € 5,000,000 (five million euros)

This Memorandum describes the ongoing fourth Issue of Corporate Bonds (hereinafter also referred to as Bond (s)) by Atlantis Reborn B.V. (hereinafter also referred to as the Issuing Institution). The Corporate Bonds to be issued have a Nominal Value of € 1,000 (one thousand euros) each. The number of Corporate Bonds to be issued is 1,000 (one thousand) units. The Fixed Interest Payment amounts to 8% (eight percent) per year. Corporate bonds have a term of 5 (five) years and are freely tradable in the interim.

The Issuing Institution is a Private Company established under Dutch law, with its registered office in Emmen, the Netherlands (also referred to in this Memorandum as "Issuing Institution" and / or "Atlantis Reborn BV", without the addition B.V.). The objective of the Issuer is to develop technology for the improvement of People, Animals and the Environment as well as the trade in real estate within five years after a maximum increase in value.

The real estate and technology are pledged to Atlantis Reborn BV. This means that the Corporate Bond is covered by a legal Pledge. The costs, including interest and repayment, are paid from the sales proceeds of this property and technology.

The Offer and Issue of a Corporate Bond and the Subscription

The Corporate Bonds to be issued form a loan from the holder of the Bond (s) to the Fixed Rate Issuer that is paid annually quarterly after the Effective Date. The Subscription to the Corporate Bond is possible from 15 September 2019 after registration on the website during a continuous subscription and issue period, until the nominal amount of this Corporate Bond ad. € 5,000,000 (five million euros) has been reached.

Atlantis Reborn BV Bedrijfsobligatie serie AR-I-A
Minimum purchase
: 1 (one) piece
: 100% (hundred procent)
Interest payment
: per quarter
Nominal value
: €1,000 (one thousand euros)
: 5 (five) years
Fixed interest
: 8% (eight procent)

There are risks associated with investing in Corporate bonds. Bondholders are required to thoroughly study Chapter 3 "Risk Factors" before deciding to invest in these Corporate Bonds.



Section A Introduction and warnings
Section B Issuing institution

This summary is structured in the form of elements and sections, as stated in Annex XXII of the Delegated Regulation (EU) Nr. 486/2012 of the European Commission. These elements are numbered in sections A - E (A.1 - E.7) of this Memorandum and contain all the elements that are required to be included in a summary for the Corporate bonds and the Issuer. Because some elements are not required to be mentioned, there may be gaps in the (subsequent) numbering of the elements.

If it is required that an element be included in the summary because of the type of securities and the issuer, it may occur that no relevant information can be given regarding that element. In that case, a brief description of the element is included, followed by the comment "Not applicable". An explanation will be provided if necessary.

In this Memorandum, the company name "Atlantis Reborn B.V." is also used without the abbreviation B.V., (Private Company) and is also referred to as Issuer and / or Invest and / or Company. The terms in the Memorandum that start with an uppercase letter have the meaning given to them in Appendix 1 "Glossary" and in Chapter 6 "Bond conditions".

The Director declares that any information or parts thereof not included in the Memorandum are either not relevant to the investor or that certain parts of documents have been included for the sake of readability by reference to the relevant chapters and / or paragraphs. (Chapter 16, Reference list to documents and attachments)

In particular, potential Bondholders should carefully study Chapter 3, "Risk Factors," before deciding to purchase a Corporate Bond.

This Memorandum has been set up as far as possible with due observance of the rules that apply to Prospectuses and / or Information Memoranda that have been approved by the AFM.

Section A Introduction and warnings

A.1 Warning

This summary must be read as an introduction to the Memorandum.

Any decision to purchase a Corporate Bond must be based on the study of the entire Memorandum by the potential Bondholder. Each Bondholder is responsible for his decision to purchase a Corporate Bond.

The investor or a third party who, as the claimant, submits a claim to a court with regard to the information in the Memorandum, may, if applicable, according to the national law of the Member States of the European Union, the translation costs of to carry out the Memorandum before the legal action is initiated.


Only we, Atlantis Reborn BV, being the Issuer who have provided this summary including a translation thereof, can be held legally liable if the summary, when read together with the other parts of the Memorandum, is misleading, inaccurate or inconsistent is, or if, when it is read together with the other parts of the Memorandum, it does not contain the key data to assist investors when considering investing in the Corporate Bonds.

A.2 Permission and conditions for use of the Memorandum by third parties

The Issuer has not authorized any person to use this Memorandum for further resale or final placement of the Corporate Bonds by third parties.

The Issuer does not grant permission to financial intermediaries to use the Memorandum.

Only Dutch law applies to the Memorandum. All Appendices, as well as the registration form, are always deemed to form part of this Memorandum.

Only the content of this Memorandum is binding. All analyzes, calculations, comments, forecasts, expectations and recommendations mentioned in this Memorandum serve to assist potential Bondholders in making decisions, but are not a guarantee of the return to be achieved by the Issuer.

This Memorandum does not constitute an offer of any financial instrument or invitation to make an offer to a person in a jurisdiction where this is not permitted according to the regulations in force there.

If, after the release of this Memorandum, new information leads to factual and material deviations from the principles and assumptions contained in this Memorandum, the Issuer will prepare a supplement to this Memorandum. If, after the release of this Memorandum, there is new information about the Issuer that is relevant to investors, this will be communicated by e-mail and via the website of the Issuer.

The Issuer does not provide investment and sales advice and is not an asset manager and has and / or does not enter into a management relationship with the potential and / or actual Bondholder. The primary decision to purchase a Corporate Bond and the final legal responsibility ultimately lies with the Bondholder himself.

Section B Issuing institution

B.1 Official trade name:

The official trade name of the Issuer is Atlantis Reborn B.V.

B.2 Location and legal form of the Issuer, legislation under which the Issuer operates and country of incorporation

The Issuer is a private company with limited liability under Dutch law and has its registered office in Breda in the Netherlands and operates under Dutch law and legislation and has been established in the Netherlands.

B.3 Description of the group of companies with which the Issuer cooperates and the place it occupies within it.

The Issuing Institution deals with speculative buying and selling of real estate as well as developing new technology with the sole director, Mr S. Kooijman, residing in Emmen.

The Issuer is affiliated with and / or forms part of one or more group companies of "the SheHaBa group". The Issuing Institution collaborates with Atlantis Reborn B.V., among others (also to be referred to without the addition B.V.).

12.13 Loss and Profit Statement Forecast 2019 - 2024